hood of gods


High-rise, geometric, old skool vybes, street art / graffiti influenced, inspiring & playful display font. the bigger the better!

Comes in three different weights. A regular cut, a half horizontal striped cut & a 35 degrees striped version for combination purposes. Get your creative juices flowing.




Handwritten, raw and uncut, delivered in natural elegance! Call it the antidote to DIN, the dope cousin of Comic Sans. A must have for the modern designer of today.


And the best thing, it´s free  (all you have to do, is subscribe to my newsletter and stay up to date with new fonts & projects)




Meant to be a caps only rough and rugged experience for the typophil, dedicated to the legacy of the signpainters of africa. The first installment of this display font comes in three different weigths. A regular cut with a bit of a belly, a thin cut & a big bad bold cut. Rough elegance we say.
This download includes all three styles, Regular, Light & Bold. The font comes as a complete set, including all special characters.

Along with the release of the font comes
“A book called CHERU”, creating a whole fantastic universe with this font. And as if this wasn’t enough already, there are a postcardset & posters as well. All combined in a fine surround boxset, if you going for all, that is.




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