CHERU was meant to be a caps only rough and rugged experience for the typophil, dedicated to the legacy of the signpainters of africa. The first installment of this display font comes in three different weigths. A regular cut with a bit of a belly, a thin cut & a big bad bold cut. Rough elegance we say. And ready to use in your favourite layout application.
This download includes all three styles, Regular, Light & Bold. The font comes as a complete set, including all special characters.

Along with the release of the font comes “A book called CHERU”, creating a whole fantastic universe with this brand new font. And as if this wasn’t enough already, there are a postcardset & posters as well. All combined in a fine surround boxset, if you going for all, that is.

A font called CHERU

SKU: E180002


    christoph gratzer
    graphik design