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After collecting vinyl records for some years and falling deeper and deeper for the music of Jamaica, in summer 1999 Jah Sake, Exidas & a couple of friends from Gmunden and Salzburg, Austria, founded Mountain Top Hi Powa, establishing a classic rub-a-dub dancehall sound with a hardcore approach.

The sound quickly made a name for uncompromising selections in Austrias growing dancehall scene of the early 2000s. Regulars like “Weddy Wednesday” or “Calling all Massive” were born in Salzburg, the Sound was touring all over Austria & played Shows
in Germany, Italy & Serbia.

mixes & remixes

Sake & Exidas both started to drop mixtapes like Jah Sake’s highly anticipated “Crazy Talk Vol.I & II” (dancehall) and Exidas “Dub Dis” (Roots Dub) which had a massive impact in the Underground Scene.


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collabs & camps

In the Year 2014 they co-founded the internationally operating “Jamaican Bass Movement” together with Max Rubadub (CH), Blend Mishkin (GR) and Titan Sound (UK), releasing Mixtapes and Remixes and building a Platform for Artists and Sounds from the worldwide Reggae Dancehall Community.

In addition, 2014 Exidas also became part of the Production-Camp “WUBDISE”, focusing on Reggae-Hip Hop - Remixes and Productions.



travellin at the speed of...

In 2009 the legendary “Madda than Dem” Dances started at Rockhouse, Salzburg, with a Mix of Top-Class Sounds and Artists. As the venue changed to “Jazzit” the Dance was already considered the hottest in western Austria.

2010 they concentrated their work on Linz and Vienna and beside the Party-Series “Mash Mash” in Vienna and the “Three the Yard Way” in Linz the crew worked with international Artists and Sounds, doing Live Backings for a lot of Reggae Artists like Chuck Fenda, Mr. Williams, Rebellion the Recaller, just to name a few.

Mountain Top played from Kingston to Spain, Switzerland to Greece all the way to Thailand & Vietnam and new Regular Dances like “What a Ting” and “Dubplate Extravaganza” were born and are planned to be established in the coming years.


Over the Years the two Rubadub Fanatics built a heavy Dubplate Box, so Mountain Top Hi Powa is ready for any musical competition. 2018 they won their first Soundclash, the "Rum Beat Cruise Clash" in the UK.


The Sound continues to stand for the positive and uplifting vibes of the worldwide Dancehall Reggae Culture with all its aspects leaving every dancefloor shaking and trembling.

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